4 tips to finding your perfect apartment

A couple looking for an apartment online.

If you are currently on the look out for a new place or apartment to rent, there are a variety of apartment hunting resources available to you.  The Internet is filled with websites and services that will make finding that perfect place more manageable and less frustrating.  Today, we want to share 4 helpful tips to make that frustration non-existent and put you on the path to finding your new apartment sooner.

Tip #1) Googling the Neighbourhood/Intersection

You can utilize the power of the almighty Google to find out more about your neighbourhood. Simply search your address or major intersection and a wealth of knowledge is bound to come up. It is also possible to learn about the interests, activities and events of neighbours and the surrounding area. Look up the neighbourhood on Urbanspoon, Yelp or Foursquare to get reviews from real people and real experiences. Apps like AboutMe and Walk Score will also help you browse points of interest that are within a desired distance from your potential neighbourhood.

Tip #2) Familiarize Yourself Face-to-Face

Another trick to getting to know your neighbourhood is to act like a tourist until you start to feel like a local. Spend the weekend scoping out the sights and attending all the gatherings like community events and markets. This will help you commit to making your new suburb your home, rather than just a place where you property happens to be.

Tip #3) Maximizing your mobile phone

A powerful tool for finding a new apartment is your mobile phone. Today, you can use your phone in two ways to help in your apartment search. The first tactic is to walk around your desired neighbourhood looking for apartments of interest. Once you see an apartment you like, google the address and see what comes up. Usually, the apartment will have a website with availability and contact information. Here's a great example of a mobile site built by Neighbourhood Buzz (m.vertica.ca). The second tactic involves using sites (like the resources below) to find a cluster a apartments of interest. You can then use your GPS on your phone to guide you to each apartment to have a closer inspection.

Tip #4) Helpful Sites


Effortlessly search apartments for rent in cities across Canada with this interactive website. Through the site, tenants have access to tools that will allow them to view apartments, condos, homes and additional properties for rent. Photographs, floor plans and property videos are a few of the resources you will find on this companies site. Users also have the opportunity to bookmark, share and compare an assortment of apartment listings to allow them to find the perfect rental – that fulfils all their needs. Don’t forget to integrate your social media (Twitter and Facebook) into your search by posting and tweeting the sites to your accounts and allow your family and friends to weigh in on your options.

Gotta Rent

This apartment searching facility makes online rentals easy with advanced features like graphical mapping areas and detailed apartment listings. Since 2004, Gotta Rent has been helping Canadian landlords market and showcase their rental properties online. They have also made the process of finding a home a stress-free experience for those looking to rent. By searching for apartments in Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver or any other Canadian city with Canada’s most comprehensive database of apartments and houses, you’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Enjoy easy navigation, searching and managing of rental properties you’ve got your eye on and flag your favourite searches and listing, so they can be easily accessed in the future.


With RentCompass you can access this web-based rental directory search service through your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), as well as on your computer. This directory is also Canada’s first mobile listing serve for rental properties. Search by province and find properties in Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Ontario among others. Social media is extremely pervasive in today’s society and in order to keep up with this trend RentCompass has designed resources to help tenants search for available properties on social media sites. Enrich your apartment-hunting experience by integrating social media by using this company’s Facebook app and Twitter app. The best part is you can continue searching for rentals without having to leave your beloved social media sites.


Started in 2006, this Toronto-focused apartment rental and roommate directory is a great resource to keep on hand. Users can look at listings and read reviews (current or past tenants) by specific neighbourhoods, which makes the process of renting more pleasant and makes for a more informed renter. There is also the option to narrow down your search by including perimeters like proximity to TTC subway stations, GO stations, intersections or various universities and colleges.

With so many apartment-hunting resources at renter’s fingertips, the process of finding that perfect abode becomes less painful and more rewarding every day. By taking advantage of these applications, sites and services and you’ll be moving into that spacious apartment or property sooner than you think.


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