[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media in New Construction

Are you looking at building a new apartment?

Our friends at ROCK advisors think now is a great time to build an apartment building in Canada, specifically Ontario.

If you’re thinking about building and marketing a new building, you may ask yourself. Does social media play a role in new apartment construction?

We found this gem of a infographic on the Construction Marketing Blog. To help us answer that question.

They asked construction companies:

1. Do you employ social media in your marketing program?
2. Do you manage social media marketing internally or outsource?
3. Which social networks do you employ?
4. Do you employ blogging?
5. What social media is MOST effective in achieving results?
6. What social media is LEAST effective in achieving results?
7. What results have you achieved via social media marketing?
8. Which category best describes your company?
9. What is the approximate size of your company?

Here’s what was said, enjoy!

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