London Property Management Association invites Neighbourhood Buzz to speak about today's online renter.

Neighbourhood Buzz presents to the London Property Management Association

Neighbourhood Buzz presents to the London Property Management Association.

Last week, our fearless leader, Steve Ballantyne made his way to Forest City (aka London, Ontario) to present the London Property Management Association.  Steve addressed the general meeting about using social media and how it can benefit property management.

[See Steve's presentation to the London Property Management Association here]

Though social media has only been around for the better part of a decade, being social is nothing new. The success of any business has always been built on the ongoing conversation between client and company. Social Media is simply a new means of listening and influencing to both current and potential clients.

Steve introduced the LPMA to Canada’s Resident 2.0 – a renter who spends an average of 17.2 hours online per week, uses a smartphone and would consider giving up their TV over that device.  The Canadian digital landscape is changing and the property management industry must change with it.

Steve talked about why this shift matters now to Property Managers.  Technology is everywhere; your renters are influencing your online reputation, and the pace of this change is only accelerating. By adopting and using social media, Property Managers can both listen and influence renters.

Social Media is not just for appearance sake – factors such as retention, lead generation, branding and are all business goals enhanced by getting online. Telling your story through social media creates an environment that fosters brand evangelists to share your messaging. Social media accounts, e-newsletters and blog content are tools that can help improve lead generation, retention and customer service.

Bonnie Hoy of Bonnie Hoy & Associates also spoke to the LPMA about how to succeed in today’s rental market. Her comprehensive talk covered PM best practises and how to understand student renters.  The afternoon wrapped up with a final talk from the City of Windsor on 311 services.

On behalf of Steve and the team at Neighbourhood Buzz, we’d like to thank to the LPMA for the opportunity to speak. We’d love to hear from any attendees at the LPMA meeting, please let us know what you thought of Steve’s talk. Was there anything we missed or could expand on?

If you have any questions, or would like to take a look at Steve’s full presentation to the LPMA, feel free to contact our team or click on the link below.

[See Steve's presentation to the London Property Management Association here]

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