What is content marketing and why does it matter to property management?

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see that we’ve been talking more and more about content marketing. Not only have we been talking about it, our hottest service right now is content marketing for property managers.

So what’s all the fuss about? This post is about what exactly content marketing is and why it matters to property managers.

To help wrap our heads around this idea, let’s consult some experts on the topic that spoke at Marketing’s Content in Context conference this past fall.

Define Content Marketing:

“Content marketing is about brands taking control of their own message by telling real stories that help and entertain.”

- Charlene Rooke

“Content marketing is fundamentally about engaging your customers in a way that adds value to their lives.”

- Mark Michaud

“Content marketing is ultimately about the power of storytelling to move consumers to action.”

- Joseph Barbieri

“The strategic use of content to satisfy consumers’ need for inspiration, solutions, entertainment and education through storytelling. It’s engineered to create brand engagement, pathways to transactions and fodder for consumers to amplify the story.”

- Eric Schneider

As we can see, the definitions of content marketing vary but there’s a common thread weaving through all of them. Content marketing is creating stuff that your customers actually want to consume, as oppose to just yelling your message at them.

Great examples of content marketing:

Commonwealth First-Time Home Buyers

For an example of great content in Real Estate, let’s go down under to the Commonweath Bank. The bank has created a valuable resource for first-time home buyers that helps them compare interest rates, get home loan advice,  figure out how much they can borrow, and even a “Living Space“ blog full of in-depth information.

American Express Open Forum

Where great content meets utility for the consumer. The Open Forum is on the cutting edge of producing content that is timely, practical and helpful for small business owners. The Open Forum also gains a larger audience for it’s content through strategic partnerships with websites like mashable.com. Make no mistake, if the Open Forum wasn’t producing great content, partnerships like this simply would not work.

Red Bull Media House

This is my personal favourite . As a lifelong snowboarder, kiteboarder and action sports type guy i’m smack in the middle of their content marketing target market. In my mind these folks are pushing the envelope more than anyone else, literally going to the edge of space. Really redefining what great content can even mean, then doing it better than anyone else. Need proof? Watch the “Art of Flight,” see the trailer here.

Why great content matters to property management:

So, what does all this have to do with renting apartments? Great content has the power to retain residents and attract new prospects. This is a common goal among all property management across this great nation and abroad.

How does content marketing retain residents? Your residents are a group of people sharing common problems and similar needs. Your content can help build an affinity for your brand by helping residents live a better life in their apartments. This affinity can help when lease renewal comes up (“Oh, you didn’t talk to me for a year and now you want me to renew my lease?”) and give you a ‘bridge over troubled waters’ when things don’t go as planned (which happens to every property manager). This is exactly what our clients are doing right now by using the Neighbourhood Buzz Content Marketing System. Do your residents know where to holiday shop close by, how to keep their plants happy in the winter time, or what essentials the first time renter needs for their bathroom?

How does content marketing attract prospects? Online, the good people of the world are hard at work searching for apartments. In fact, 1 in 2 apartment hunters will use a search engine like Google when looking for a new place (satisfacts). The equation is simple:

More pages + more keywords = more chances for your site to get discovered.

Google is always striving towards finding results that people actually want. Today, 2 things are rising to the top of the search engine optimization tactics pile as increasingly important.

1) Fresh content: Google wants what is fresh, timely, and relevant to searchers.

2) Social validation: If 1000 people share a story or video with their network, that story is probably more relevant than the one that got no attention.

A Content Marketing System addresses both of these by consistently providing fresh content and using your social network to validate that content by driving traffic and pointing links back to your site.

Is the value of content marketing becoming more clear? Can you start to imagine what your company could write about? We’ll have another post focusing on that coming soon.

In the meantime enjoy this great example of content marketing with Felix Baumgartner.


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